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Designed by Chibatamatosi @kudzikay


Message from the Dean of Students

The Dean of Students welcomes you to the Division of Student Affairs whose raison d’eter,is the promotion of student welfare and holistic development at the institution. Kwekwe Polytechnic has a growing and diverse student population in terms of age, socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. These Kwekwe Polytechnic members are brought together at the training and education portal by their quest to acquire expertise that is employable. Our students interact with students from other tertiary institutions mainly through sporting activities, arts festivals, exhibitions and social media. Please take a tour of the Division's philosophy, sections, viewing our activities and services. Thank you


1. Vision
Beacon in creating an enabling environment for teaching, learning, research and ‘going beyond the information given through student welfare services provision that is relevant for their physical, mental, social, mental and spiritual development.

2. Mission
To provide quality student welfare services that meet their diverse needs through proactive and responsive intervention strategies.

3. Core Values
• Inquiry
• Initiative
• Integrity
• Ingenuity
• Interplay
• Improvement

4. Objectives
• To acclimatize the student to his training and educational environment.
• To foster student discipline and group morale.
• To help the student to realise his/her full potential through affixing of purposes, improvement of study habits, career guidance and counseling, personal grooming and through spiritual, psychological and social development.
• To provide and manage hostel accommodation services.
• To manage students’ health through provision of appropriate preventive and remedial health measures.
• To supervise, evaluate and develop the interests and social life of students.
• To provide club and sporting activities to help students discover their talents and exploit them to the maximum level possible.
• To facilitate and elicit financial assistance for disadvantaged students.
• To engage in social responsibility programmes to improve the quality of life of the community.


The objectives above are achieved through the resolute and integrated efforts of the following sections of the Student Affairs Division:
1. Hostel accommodation services
2. Catering services
3. Health services
4. Guidance & Counselling
5. Sports and Clubs
6. The Student Representative Council

• There are two hostels which accommodate a population of 240 students in total. Accommodation space is quite limited and majority of students obtain accommodation in nearby suburbs like Msasa, Newtown, Southwood, Golden Acres and Mbizo.
• Four Hostel Wardens manage hostel accommodation services.
• Wardens promote good order, discipline and a congenial living environment essential for rigorous study.
• Our hostel space is quite limited with first preference being given to apprentices.
• Plans are underway to engage stakeholders particularly house owners for the institution to manage better students accommodation needs outside campus and improve their quality of life.

• A canteen on campus offers catering and meals to both resident and non-resident students.
• Canteen staff, headed by the Canteen Manager, prepare and serve nutritious balanced meals to students timeously.
• A campus tuckshop is available supplying some basic commodities that may be needed.

• Clinic
i. A health services center is available in the form of a Clinic for quick diagnosis and attention in case of illness. Manned by a nurse whose objective is to promote maximum wellness of all college students so that they can focus on their studies without undue distraction.
ii. Treats minor ailments, refers major cases to the general hospital
iii. Seeks to prevent and control communicable disease outbreaks through facilitation of knowledge, skills and empowerment.
iv. Champions health education especially on HIV and AIDS at college and in the community.
v. More serious cases are referred to the Kwekwe General hospital.

• Ambulance services
i. The institution has engaged EMRAS which offers effective and efficient ambulance services for emergency cases to students during the term whether they reside on or off campus

• Medical Aid
i. There is a medical aid facility the institution avails to its students that any sick student can use for examination and treatment in any government clinic or hospital

Kwekwe Polytechnic has a full time Counselor that students are free to visit at any time, for guidance and counselling.

At Kwekwe Poly we believe that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We believe that a health mind thrives in a healthy body. In line with that philosophy the polytechnic offers a wide range of clubs that students are encouraged to join. We have reasonable sporting facilities and equipment to support most of the sporting activities. Currently, we have the following clubs:
• Soccer
• Cricket
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Netball
• Athletics
• Darts
• Lawn Tennis
• Pool/snooker
• Chess
• Rugby
• Table tennis
• Debate and Public Speaking
• Arts and Culture – drama, visual arts, poetry, culinary arts
• Writers
• College band
• The College Choir.
• Christian Union
Students are encouraged to join or form other clubs or associations that support their intellectual, professional, leadership, physical, spiritual and social development.

• Every year in February (for January Intake Students) and in May (for May Intake Students) students elect a committee to represent them and promote their welfare as students.
• Channel of communication between the students body and the college authorities and the community in general.
• Establishment and operations governed by the Students Union Constitution
• Elected by the Students Union through secret ballot.
• Office bearers to serve for one year.

To be the leading, highly innovative and ethical Student Representative Body that meets individual and group welfare needs.

To provide quality, disciplined and professional leadership and representation to the student body in promoting students’ welfare and civic responsibility.

• Inquiry
• Initiative
• Integrity
• Ingenuity
• Interplay
• Improvement

• Represent students in matters that affect their interests both as individuals and as a body.
• Promoting intellectual, scientific, sporting, religious, social and cultural activities arising amongst its members.
• Facilitate effective channels of communication between the student body and the polytechnic authorities and the community in general.
• Promote moral values and civic responsibilities in order to raise the institution’s reputation.

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