Duration 2 years

Year 1
Semester 1
    1. Power Systems I EPE4101
    2. Electromagnetic Fields I EPE4102
    3. Control Systems I EPE4103
    4. Electrical Machines I EPE4104
    5. Instrumentation I EPE4105
    6. Electrical engineering Design and Materials EPE4107
    7. Entrepreneurial Mindset EPE4108
    8. Intellectual Property Rights EPE4109
Semester 2
    1. Power Systems II EPE4201
    2. Electromagnetic Fields II EPE4202
    3. Control Systems II EPE4203
    4. Electrical Machines II EPE4204
    5. Instrumentation II EPE4105
    6. Research Methods EPE4206
    7. Electrical Engineering Design and Materials II EPE4207
    8. Venture Creation and Management EPE4208
Year 2
    Project EPE5000: Real life industrial based solving problem.


Awarding body is National University of Science and Technology (NUST)
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