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  1.0 VISION

Blue chip TVET faculty which produces designers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and technopreneurs.


To provide technoprenuerial education and training to a diverse populace regardless of qualifications to promote national development


The Adult and Continuing Education Division offers training programmes for which no formal entry qualifications are required that are demand driven.


The course participants are drawn from virtually all ages and classes of society with female participants, who opt for the traditionally male dominated trades being given priority and preferential treatment on enrolment.

   5.0 COURSES

Courses are offered in conjunction with the other Polytechnic academic divisions- namely the Applied Art and Science, Commerce, Engineering and National and Strategic Studies (NASS) Divisions. The programmes vary from as little as 16 hours to 18 months in duration.

Training in the Adult and Continuing Education Division is categorically put into eight Programmes, with tuition being offered in a variety of skills areas. Thus:

One- Short Courses Programme: courses under this programme are run during evenings and /or weekends. Their durations vary from 16 hours to about two weeks per course.
Two- Skills Upgrading Programmes: Trade test preparation classes, for both theory and practical, are offered under this programme.
Three- Industry and Commerce Programmes: The Adult and Continuing Education Division, in collaboration with other training divisions, and in consultation with the user organisations, designs and facilitates the training programmes, whose duration depends on the content to be covered.
Four- Business Training Programmes: A 40 hour Start Your Business (SYB) Entrepreneurial training of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) is run under this programme.
Five- Traditional Apprenticeship Programme (TAP): Training programmes which run from one year to one and half years are offered in various trade skills areas. Trade tests and Start Your Business training are integral and compulsory aspect under this programme. Tuition is offered during Polytechnic vacations and a greater period is spent on attachment, preferably in the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs).
Six- Block Release Programme: Tuition under this programme is offered during the term and day with courses’ durations being one year. As with Traditional Apprenticeship Programme, trade tests and Start Your Business training is also compulsory.
Seven- Integrated Skills Outreach Programme: Training programmes under ISOP are earmarked for the youths, especially those in rural areas. Youths are given technical and entrepreneurial skills in relevant areas
Eight- Higher Level Courses: Short courses that graduate into National Certificate NC courses are temporarily held in incubation in the division until such a time they grow into stand alone departments or are transferred to other divisions

6.0 Certification

Kwekwe Polytechnic certificates of completion are issued on successful completion of all training programmes.
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