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The beacon in technical and manufacturing technology education that is relevant for industry, tailored for entrepreneurship and aligned to development.
To provide quality technical, vocational and technopreneurial education and training that is employable.

Kwekwe Polytechnic is driven by 6 shared values Inquiry, Initiative, Integrity, Ingenuity, Improvement and Industry. This make up the cornerstone of the culture.

Shared Value Expression

   Shared Value    Expression
5.1 Inquiry • We inquire with a view to learn & go beyond the information given.
• Appreciative Inquiry as a way of life.
• Lead and facilitate with questions.
• Search for solutions
5.2 Initiative • Proactive approach.
• Take personal responsibility and ownership.
• Take practical action.
• Planning as a habit.
5.3 Integrity: • Accountable, dependable and honest.
• Loyal and patriotic.
• Professional and ethical conduct.
• Corporate governance.
5.4 Ingenuity • Think and provide useful solutions.
• Drive out waste and create value.
• Confront problems, make and create.
• Foster innovation and design thinking.
5.5 Interplay • Teamwork and promotion of synergies.
• Partnering approach, “doing it together”.
• Stakeholders as partners and resource people.
• Systems Thinking as a way of life.
5.6 Improvement • Prioritise and listen for feedback.
• Track, measure and evaluate what we do.
• Make work visible
• Quality assurance and passion for excellence.
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